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REMEMBER our pot-luck/ de-briefing is Thursday 6pm (August 2nd) at Liberty Park (N.E. corner).  What went well, what did not, and what is next?  Be there!

Monday July 23

Channel 2 News
Rod Decker @ Washington Square

Tuesday July 24

Channel 2 News
Rod Decker @ Washington Square

Channel 13 News
Conservative policy group kicks off conference in SLC

Wednesday July 25

Channel 2 News
@ UofU Museum, Grand America, Alliance for Better Utah

Channel 13 News
ALEC under fire

Salt Lake Tribune
Watchdog claims Utah lawmakers are corporate lapdogs

Salt Lake City Weekly
Anti-ALEC Protest and Rally for Public Education Thursday

Deseret News
ALEC meeting sparks support from governor, protests

Salt Lake Tribune
ALEC conservatives reject charges of corporate cronyism

Free Speech Radio News
Lawmakers, advocates question ALEC’s role in crafting state legislation

Channel 5 News  -   - VIDEO
Groups disagree over power ALEC holds with state lawmakers
(@ Natural History Museum)

Salt Lake Magazine (blog)
Glen Warchol’s Crawler: David calls out Goliath

Thursday July 26

Channel 13 News

Channel 4 ABC News
Conservative lawmakers gather in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune
Pre-fab bills
Conservative lawmakers gather in Utah; protestors out in full force
Protestors rally against conservative lawmaker’s group; 1 arrested

Pat Bagley
Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake Tribune
ALEC provides receptive crowd for Utah’s land battles

Salt Lake Tribune
DeChristopher backers say conviction shows corporate control

Daily Herald
Conservatives talk energy at Utah ALEC convention

Deseret News
DeChristopher supporters stage peaceful protest at ALEC convention

Friday July 27

Salt Lake Tribune
McEntee: ALEC works in secrecy, Utah activists in public

Salt Lake Tribune
Utah Senators say it’s time for ALEC to be more open

Modern Times Magazine
A Wounded ALEC Assembles In Utah

Salt Lake City Weekly
Immigration Activists Rally Against ALEC Friday

Salt Lake Tribune
Clearing house for bad ideas

KCPW  radio
Politics Up Close: ALEC Critics & Supporters, Salt Lake County’s FCOZ Commission

PR Watch
Special Report from Salt Lake: ALEC Exposed, ALEC Diminished

Saturday July 28

Sunday July 29

Deseret News
Interest groups affecting legislation and Utah lands

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ALEC wc NEWS RELEASE – Critics to Confront Corporate Greed, Demand ALEC ‘Bill Mill’ Shutdown.

ALEC Welcoming Committee
Calendar Listing of Major Events Salt Lake City, Utah:

Raphael Cordray
Gary Mesker       
Justin Kramer     
Jesse Fruhwirth  
9 A.M. MDT, July 18, 2012


Critics to Confront Corporate Greed,
Demand ALEC ‘Bill Mill’ Shutdown. 
SALT LAKE CITY, UT  Local and national groups are hammering away at the corporate-dominated American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), demanding an end to legislation which they say benefits corporate interests at the expense of the public.
ALEC brings its annual conference to Salt Lake City July 23-27, 2012 but a vocal opposition will unite against them. The coalition called The ALEC Welcoming Committee is fighting back against ALEC. Members of the coalition include: Occupy Salt Lake City, Peaceful Uprising, Utah Tar Sands Resistance, the Salt Lake Dream Team, iMatter Utah, the League of Women Voters, Move to Amend Salt Lake and others. Over the course of the five days community groups plan rallies, teach-ins, workshops, news conferences, pickets and other actions.
ALEC is funded and dominated by some of the world’s largest corporations including ExxonMobil, Bank of America, BP, Monsanto, Koch Industries, and Pfizer. Local ALEC members include 1-800-Contacts and Comcast. Common Cause contends that ALEC is manipulating the US tax laws. In a recent complaint to the IRS the government watchdog group said: “ALEC is a corporate lobbying group masquerading as a public charity.” Twenty-eight Utah Legislators are also members of ALEC.
The Center for Media and Democracy’s research arm PR Watch calls ALEC a “bill mill. ALEC is responsible for about 1,000 bills a year using a common language, which then are proposed and “flood” multiple state legislatures often during the same session. Bills represent conservative causes which have the effect of eroding and eliminating comprehensive health care; suppressing voter rights; and requiring police to check the immigration status of primarily non-Caucasian citizens, legal immigrants and undocumented workers.
ALEC is also backing laws to eliminate workers’ collective bargaining rights, which leads to lower wages, pensions and health care benefits. The organization was also behind many of the states’ adoption of “Stand Your Ground (Kill at Will)” laws being used in the defense of individuals like George Zimmerman, recently accused of murdering the black teenager Trayvon Martin.
Who: ALEC Welcoming Committee
Location: Washington Square (City/County Bldg)
Date/Time: For a complete and updated schedule of events see 

New flyers for ALEC Welcoming party


ALEC Welcome Committee inspired ART! We so hope you will join Free Speech Zone in SLC on July 23-28 to give ALEC a proper welcome!  ps. Bring a sleeping bag. This is going to be fun!

ALEC Welcome Committee inspired ART! We so hope you will join Free Speech Zone in SLC on July 23-28 to give ALEC a proper welcome! ps. Bring a sleeping bag. This is going to be fun!




Side ONE of ALECwc 1/4 page flyer  //  Print 2 sided  //  Cut //  Hand out!

Side ONE of ALECwc 1/4 page flyer // Print 2 sided // Cut // Hand out!


Side TWO of ALECwc 1/4 page flyer  //  Print 2 sided  //  Cut //  Hand out!

Side TWO of ALECwc 1/4 page flyer // Print 2 sided // Cut // Hand out!

“ALEC Welcoming Committee Sets Up Camp In SLC” – ABC news

ALEC Welcoming Committee Set Up Camp

and Kicked Off a Week of Protest on Monday with

The Parade of Empty Plates and People’s Picnic

On Monday … The Parade of Empty Plates – WAS A BIG SUCCESS! and it was lots of fun. More to Come… Here is Ch 2 ABC news coverage live last nite. We continue protesting in the park (City County Bldg.) 24/7 til Saturday. Join us. Bring a sleeping bag and/or Canopy. No tents please.


“”ALEC Welcoming Committee Sets Up Camp In SLC”

On Tuesday ALECwc outreach continued with picketing at the Grand America and Washington Square Park (City/ County Building).  We outreached massively with signs and flyers at the Fireworks display at Liberty Park.  Governor Herbert quite unconvincingly tells Utahns to ‘not worry’ about ALEC’s influence on  in Utah.

ABC Channel #2 Again broadcast live from our Occupation at Washington Square Park accross from the Grand America.


“Is ALEC Influencing Gov. Herbert?”

All week ALECwc will exercise the First Amendment on the west lawn of City Hall, 451 s. State st, Salt Lake City.

For a schedule OF EVENTS

Join friends of the ALEC Welcoming Committee in Washington Square Park (5th south & State St), Salt Lake City for a free expression campout on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday July 25-27th, 2012 @ 6pm. (No fires, No tents, sorry (ALECwc is working w/in rules)) (the permitted ALECwc Free expression activities are daily and you can ‘reserve your spot’ at 6pm the day before the free expression activity.)

Bring a blanket or sleeping bag. (No tents at this time, were sorry.)

There are activities each day and evening until 11pm.

Check the CALENDAR

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) holds its annual meeting this week, July 23-27 in Salt Lake City to dish out more “pork” through 50 state legislatures to some of the Nation’s largest corporations, but more people are asking why there is no slice of pie for the poor and the middle class. This summer, community activists organized a coalition called the ALEC Welcoming Committee (ALECWC) to expose ALEC’s attacks on workers, immigrants, teachers and voters  during ALEC’s five-day conference in Salt Lake City.  According to the ALECWC’s “Community Invitation,”  “…the ALEC Board of Directors fine dines July 23rd in the confines of Salt Lake’s Grand America Hotel while the people’s plates are once again literally and figuratively coming up empty.

A recent analysis by the Alliance For a Better Utah, a government watch dog group concludes that ALEC’s legislative proposals  “…would tilt the tax code in
favor of wealthy corporations, privatize Medicare and Social Security, lower wages, eliminate employee rights, ship American jobs overseas, and remove protections for American consumers.”


For a complete and updated schedule of events see