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Monday July 23 

Channel 2 News
Rod Decker @ Washington Square

Tuesday July 24 

Channel 2 News
Rod Decker @ Washington Square

Channel 13 News
Conservative policy group kicks off conference in SLC

Wednesday July 25 

Channel 2 News
@ UofU Museum, Grand America, Alliance for Better Utah

Channel 13 News
ALEC under fire

Salt Lake Tribune
Watchdog claims Utah lawmakers are corporate lapdogs

Salt Lake City Weekly
Anti-ALEC Protest and Rally for Public Education Thursday

Deseret News
ALEC meeting sparks support from governor, protests

Salt Lake Tribune
ALEC conservatives reject charges of corporate cronyism

Free Speech Radio News
Lawmakers, advocates question ALEC’s role in crafting state legislation

Channel 5 News  -   - VIDEO
Groups disagree over power ALEC holds with state lawmakers
(@ Natural History Museum)

Salt Lake Magazine (blog)
Glen Warchol’s Crawler: David calls out Goliath

Thursday July 26 

Channel 13 News

Channel 4 ABC News
Conservative lawmakers gather in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune
Pre-fab bills
Conservative lawmakers gather in Utah; protestors out in full force
Protestors rally against conservative lawmaker’s group; 1 arrested

Pat Bagley
Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake Tribune
ALEC provides receptive crowd for Utah’s land battles

Salt Lake Tribune
DeChristopher backers say conviction shows corporate control

Daily Herald
Conservatives talk energy at Utah ALEC convention

Deseret News
DeChristopher supporters stage peaceful protest at ALEC convention

Friday July 27 

Salt Lake Tribune
McEntee: ALEC works in secrecy, Utah activists in public

Salt Lake Tribune
Utah Senators say it’s time for ALEC to be more open

Modern Times Magazine
A Wounded ALEC Assembles In Utah

Salt Lake City Weekly
Immigration Activists Rally Against ALEC Friday

Salt Lake Tribune
Clearing house for bad ideas

KCPW  radio
Politics Up Close: ALEC Critics & Supporters, Salt Lake County’s FCOZ Commission

PR Watch
Special Report from Salt Lake: ALEC Exposed, ALEC Diminished

Saturday July 28 

Sunday July 29 

Deseret News
Interest groups affecting legislation and Utah lands

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